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Freestyle Obedience to "That Bass"

This is a great way to build a solid bond with your dog while having fun and learning some new moves! This course develops focus and heel work using a combination of obedience and tricks, choreographed to an upbeat catchy song by Meghan Trainor. This class is done off leash however a short tab leash may be used.

The routine is comprised of continual movement and includes tricks such as, Figure 8, Paw to Hand, Spin, Twist, Side Step, Heel Back, Circle to Front, Back Away and more. This class is suitable for dogs of all ages.

We do have multiple Freestyle courses each with different moves and tricks in every class.

Prerequisite: Family Dog Beginners or equivalent group obedience class taken elsewhere.

Course Fee: $150.00 (+ taxes)     Length: 4 weeks

Select Feb 9, 2021 Tuesdays at 8:00 pm. ajax View Locations 889 Westney Road, Ajax View Locations Lynda 

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